Psychodynamic Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT),  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)               


Parent counselling is a way for you to reduce your stress levels and to increase your sense of confidence when interacting with your child. Parent counselling sessions are  conducted without your child present and a collaborative approach is taken so that together we can determine what is best for you, your child and indeed, your family.


As a PARENT you may feel ...

  • Worried or concerned about your child.
  • Powerless or helpless because what you are doing may not be working and you don't know what to do to change things.
  • Angry and frustrated with your child's behaviours.
  • Confused and uncertain as to what is really the best way to parent.
  • Guilty or ashamed that somehow you may have failed as a parent.
  • Discouraged and inadequate because your child is experiencing problems.
  • Disappointed in your relationship with your child.




  • You will be supported in identifying, expressing and managing your feelings related to your child so that these feelings will not interfere with your parenting.
  • You will be supported in exploring various ways of interacting with your child that will improve the relationship between you and your child.
  • You will learn new parenting skills and behavior management strategies.
  • You will be supported in dealing with other issues causing stress in your life that may be impacting on your ability to relate well to your child.


Your Own Experiences as a Child can Impact Your Parenting

When you become a parent, your experiences with your own family when you were a child serve to guide you in your current roleYou may be repeating the same parenting behaviors as your parents or caregivers used on you in spite your best intentions. Alternately, you may have consciously decided to parent in completely the opposite way from how you were parented as a child. While some of these parenting behaviors may be useful and adaptive, some of them may not be.

It is important for you to be aware of how and where you learned your current parenting strategies. Then you are able to make decisions about building on your current good parenting skills and discarding  your more unhelpful parenting approaches.